What is Alpha?

Do you have questions about life, and where you fit in?
Would you like a relaxing informative evening where people gather for a group meal, in a comfortable, welcoming environment.
Then come to Alpha and watch a short Alpha video, on various topics that explore life and the Christian Faith from a non-denominational view, and where it sits and how it might help you understand more.
You can then share your thoughts or ideas, ask questions or just listen to others.
That’s Alpha, no pressure, relaxed and informative, and you can participate for free with no ongoing commitment.

This program is being run at St. Andrew’s Parish.

Note: As you would be aware of the precautionary measures aunderway in light of changes with the novel coronavirus (COVID- 19), Therefore, This event is canceled.

Thursday 12th March at 7.00p.m


33 Mortimer St, Werribee

For more information call Parish office (03) 9741 4144