New Covid 19 restrictions and changes to the church

My Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,
Peace of Christ fill you and your household.
Today I would like to share some bad news and good news.
THE BAD NEWS: Yes, we are all totally disappointed that we have all gone back to square 1 in our
progress in fighting against COVID-19. We were slowly and cautiously moving forward. We started
opening the church for private prayers and weekend Masses. As we were allowed to have only twenty
participants at a Mass, we increased the number of Masses and hoped that the number of participants will
be fifty soon. Unfortunately, due to the present Lock Down situation we have to close the church again for
private prayers as well as weekend Masses. We can do online Mass only. We also have to put Baptism on
hold again. Priest will visit a parishioner who is very seriously ill or dying either in Werribee hospitals or at
Nursing Home (only if permitted) or at private home. Communion to the sick and the elderly at houses are
discontinued for the sake of the safety of the health of the sick and the minister.
We hope and pray that we will soon be freed after the six weeks of Lock Down. Let us all do the right thing
for the sake of everyone.

THE GOOD NEWS: During the first phase of our Lock Down we
were busy doing some changes in our church. The changes that
were requested by many parishioners especially the elderly and also
changes that were required for the safety of our children. We made
use of the quiet & isolated time which was needed to make these
very important changes.
 We have changed the lightings in the church to be brighter,
especially in the sanctuary area.
 We have modified our confessionals to give more privacy and
safety to all penitents. (photo)
At this point, on behalf of the whole parish, I would like to thank John
Alessi for these professional works. He planned them, purchased the
materials and installed them, spending days and days. He saved the
parish large amount of money in completing the works.
I also thank the parishioners who are continually contributing
financially to our parish without whose generosity we couldn’t have
accomplished these important works.
Thank you all once again. May God bless you & your loved ones and
keep you all safe.
-Frs. Anton, Anil & Albert