Letter from Fr Anil, Anton and Albert

Letter To Parishioner
Our dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ
Peace of God be with you all.
It is true that we haven’t written to you for a while. But it doesn’t mean that we have forgotten you.
In fact, we remember you all every day, especially when we enter the empty church to offer our daily
private Masses. It is sad to realize that if everything went alright this weekend we would have had
the Stage 3 restrictions concluded (Aug.19th.) and we would have had at least 100 people in the
church for each weekend Masses, schools would have been opened, we would have had more
freedom to visit our loved ones and to do many other things. But it has not been the case and we
went backwards. Thank God, the situation seems to be improving. Let us hope and pray that it
continues to do so and we all do the right thing.
At this moment we also bring to your knowledge that there had been few students or their family
members from some of our schools found to be COVID positive. These schools have taken the
highest form of action to safeguard the health of everyone. We thank the principals for doing this.
We also share some sad news with you that we lost few elderly parishioners many of whom had been
very actively participating in our parish when they were able. Within last few weeks we lost
Theodora ‘Do’ Litjens, Peter Goss, John & Joan Foote, Giuseppa Lentini, Lucy Ballan, Carmen
Theresa Micallef, John Portogallo, Santina Cincotta and Jan Kubacki. We pay our respect to them
for their contribution to the parish. We pray for the repose of their souls and comfort and consolation
for their loved ones.
We are continually praying for you all especially in our daily private Masses. We are glad to see
average 50 families joining us every evening at 7.00pm. We invite others to join as well. The links
for the weekend Mass and the daily Rosary are in this Newsletter. We are continuing our Hospital
ministry even spiritually anointing COVID patients. So please keep us in your prayers so that we
could continue these spiritual ministries to our brothers and sisters in their most vulnerable time.
Please continue to take care and keep safe. Pray that the Lord may purify and sanctify this world by
the power of the Holy Spirit. May the Good Lord keep you all safe in His embrace. Looking forward
to gather with you all in our church soon to thank and praise God.
Frs. Anil, Anton & Albert